We are looking for making, vintage after vintage, Intense and Alive Chablis.

Intense Chablis with Richness and Complexity to enhance the natural Minerality of our soil.

Alive Chablis produced from sustainable vineyards, with a specific winemaking depending on each vintage.


Our priorities:

  • Reveal the differences of each terroir.
  • Highlight the value and specificities of each vintage.

The vinification manifests itself in a meticulous monitoring of each cuvée, which in turn allows for the least intervention possible.

We appreciate the specific contributions of both tanks and barrels during the elévage of our wines. The wines aged in tanks maintain their freshness and fruit while aging in barrel allows us to bring complexity and depth. The proportion of tanks and barrels depends on each cuvée and the specificities of each vintage.


Our priorities:

  • Maintain the largest biodiversity possible in our soils.
  • Allow the terroir to express itself.
  • Harvest healthy and mature grapes.

In our vineyards, we practice sustainable viticulture, attentive to preserving the qualitative potential of our production as long as possible. Our old vines, more than 60 years old today, witness to the longevity and the good sense of our work.
Plowing the entirety of our vineyards permits to aerate the soils, encouraging subterranean life and forcing the vines’ roots to draw on the reserves in Chablis’ limestone subsoil.

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